Makima x Denji Sticker

Makima x Denji Sticker

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Hello!! Thank you for checking my window stickers. My fanart inspired in multiple existing and original characters.

Sizes vary from 5 inches width x 5 inches height

Installation: Clean the surface with 70% Alcohol ONLY, any other window cleaner such as Windex will deteriorate anv sticker adhesive.

Waterproof Material 2-4 years durability

Peeling warranty up to 6 months

Customer Service: (Monday-Friday)

Usability: My stickers can be used in any flat and smooth surface as long is cleaning properly~

Examples includes but not limited to: Car Windows, Laptops, water bottles, Fridge doors cars, laptops, phone cases, tablets, windows, gifts, water bottles, hydroflasks, books, manga, journals, glass, desks, skateboards, binders, toolbox, computer tower, luggage, mirrors, refrigerators, appliances, anime merch collection, helmets, hardhat, etc

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